War on Christmas

Today countless millions celebrate baby Jesus. Millions more celebrate “the holidays.” And so the battle continues…

Every year we hear of the War on Christmas. Some deny the war. Some celebrate the war. Some lament the war. But most miss the point of the war. What is this war on Christmas? And, does it even matter?

Those who believe they are on the side of the Church in the war believe the point is that Society has forgotten baby Jesus. So everyone on that side of the argument wants to flood the public with nativity scenes and force everyone else to say the words: “Merry Christmas!” But will these tactics really stop the War on Christmas?

Who is the real attacker in this war? Is it those who want to say “Happy Holidays” and remove Jesus from the Season? Or, is it those who want to plaster culture with images of baby Jesus, away in a manger?

As Christians, if we are to proclaim the reason for the season we must first understand the true reason. So, in this message I explore the true reason for the season as explained by Paul to Titus. What are your reflections? How does this affect your view of Christmas? I’d love to hear…


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