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Virgin Birth? Yea, right…

What do you believe about the Virgin Birth of Jesus? It’s a fair question…

Have you thought about it? If you aren’t Christian, it’s probably one of those things that make Christianity a stupid religion. If you are a Christian: maybe you believe in the Virgin Birth of Christ simply because you’re told to do so. Or, maybe you believe Mary had other children. Maybe the Virgin Birth doesn’t matter to you…I mean, what difference does it make, right?

Virgin Birth Bible SecretsDon’t act like it’s not a question, on some level! I mean…even the History Channel has a series claiming #BibleSecretsRevealed where they assert that the idea of a Virgin Birth is a misrepresentation of biblical prophecy. The History Channel wouldn’t make such an assertion if there wasn’t enough interest in the question.

Our tendency is to downplay St. Mary’s virginity. Modern translations of the Bible replace “virgin” with “young woman.” And, suggestions that Mary had marital relations with Joseph after the birth of Christ are gleaned from misunderstandings of the text.

But, what does it all matter? What do you believe about the Virgin Birth of Jesus?

Without the Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ, the religion of Christianity is reduced to rubble. Without the Virgin Birth, Jesus would be a mere human with no share in Divinity. Some may say it’s ridiculous that the Word of God would be born of a virgin. But, would it not be more ridiculous to assert that the Creator was born through natural relations? That would be suggesting that God was brought into the world by human effort!

The Virgin Birth of Jesus by St. Mary is meant to redeem the virgin birth of Eve. For, while Eve was a virgin she listened to the serpent and gave birth to Death. Yet, while Mary was a virgin she listed to the angel and gave birth to Life! Where the seed born of Eve banished us from the Garden, the seed born of Mary opened for us the way to Paradise!

The importance of the Virgin Birth of Jesus by St. Mary is the topic of exploration in this sermon:

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