At Death: How will you be remembered?

Death is a reality none of us really want to deal with. We tend to think we will have all the time in the world. No need to “get right” now. We think we can wait until later in life to make things right. Maybe it’s because we don’t really believe in heaven and hell? We […]

The Death of God

Lent is NOT About What You “Give Up”

Lent starts today for Western Christians. And, the internet is abuzz. Everywhere, there are questions: “what are you giving up?” “What should I give up?” Why should I give up?” Our observances of this Holy Season are somewhat disappointing. Lent is not about what you “give up!” I know many people have grown up with […]

Why Lent?

Christians Are the Gospel’s Worst Enemy

Folk think that because they are Christians, they have won some sort of prize. Because they worship Jesus Christ, people feel entitled to some special sort of treatment. And they are. However for most Christians, it’s just not the special treatment most expect. This dilemma was to be the focus of my doctoral studies. The […]

Christians Transfigured

Even God Must Be Obedient

It was always interesting to me. You know: that passage in the Gospel of Matthew 3:13-17, where John the Baptist hesitates to baptize Jesus. Jesus said something interesting in response: “it is proper for us in this way to fulfill all righteousness.” To fulfill all righteousness? What in the world does that mean? We kinda […]

Obedient God in Baptism

Gift Returns: I Don’t Want this Jesus

My son made a comment to one of his grandparents: “if I get another gift, I won’t fit in my room!” And the idiot dad that I am said: “Oh yea! Well, I can take them all back!” LOL Now that we’ve had a chance to open all of our presents and spend some time […]