buried in the backyard

Ever wonder what’s buried in your backyard?

Just considering the belongings of the families or generations before you: can you imagine what might be buried in your backyard? What about considering the community and community dynamics throughout history…who might be buried in your backyard?

There must be something buried in your backyard

If you think about it you’d have to imagine there’s something buried in your backyard! There’s gotta be something! Right?

But, will you go digging to find out? I doubt it.

what's buried in the backyardAs a child…we all would. Given the right story…the right mystery, we would be outside digging up the backyard to see what we would find. The mere possibility that something could be buried in the backyard would become the certainty that something must be buried in the backyard. And, we would dig until we found it – or until our parents found a way to stop us from digging!

As an adult, we no longer dig. We prefer to “let well enough alone.” As Bob Marley would say, “O please, don’t rock my boat…’cause I don’t want my boat to be rockin’…I like it like this!” #SatisfyMySoul

We no longer dig because we don’t want to know what we’ll find. Where good or bad were part of the adventure for the child. The adult sees a risk. The adult is afraid of what might be buried in the backyard. Or, is at least “fine” not knowing. He or she prefers to not trouble the waters…to let well enough alone…to live and let live. We cease to dig for the truth…to search for the truth…to care enough to investigate the truth.

Then we wonder why Society seems off course…

But what if our aversion to digging up what’s buried in the backyard that has us off course? What if what’s buried in your backyard is killing you? It happened to the Prophet David…

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