In our Society we all want to make it rain

We all want to show off our accomplishments…to have that celebratory moment when we can shower others with the benefits of our success. We want to make it rain.

But at what costs?

This world conditions us to lust. We lust after all kinds of things. And the reward of our lust is to flaunt that lust – we make it rain.

Lose Head to Make it RainLust causes us to lose our heads. We pledge ourselves to do the unthinkable – even without knowing what we’ve pledged to do. “I would do anything to…” And when the opportunity comes for us to get what we desire, we do anything and everything.

Before too long we’re making all sorts of promises that we can’t keep. “I’ll give anything if…” And then we’re put to the test…challenged to keep our word, no matter how stupid that word. Rather than be embarrassed by what we’ve promised to do, we are embarrassed to not do what should be unthinkable. Lust has cost us our heads.

We make it rain to celebrate losing our heads

And we cut ourselves off from life. So no matter how well we silence our conscience…no matter how much we make it rain to silence our inner voice, the truth remains that our lives are empty. The word of truth is given to you for your benefit. Learn this lesson from King Herod, who beheaded St. John the Baptist:

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