The Death of God

For some reason, folk can’t contain themselves. We can’t wait to crucify Jesus!

I know: you’re like “what is he talking about?” And, you might want to simply dismiss me right now. But, I bet if you hear me out you’ll find something worthwhile.

You see the interesting thing about Palm Sunday is that the very people who praised Jesus when He entered Jerusalem were the exact same people who later cried: “crucify Him! Crucify Him!”

And, it’s the same for us. The minute someone doesn’t look like, act like, live like we think they should look, act and live: we crucify that person. We chase them away like lepers proclaiming their uncleanness.

Day after day, we crucify Jesus. How did you crucify Him today?


You might say you didn’t, but most likely you did.

We all do something – daily. So what did you do to nail Jesus to the Cross today? What did you do to pierce Jesus in His side today? How did you divide His clothes amongst yourself? How did you mock Him? How did you spit in His face? How did you greet Him in the garden and kiss Him while you were betraying Him with your thoughts, your words and your deeds?

How did you crucify Jesus today?

We can’t wait to crucify Him! All we need is an opportunity and we’ll find the nearest tree on which to nail Him. Think about it…think about the way we conduct ourselves – especially in the Church. People are driven away because babies cry too loud, because they haven’t been at the place long enough to get involved, because their home life doesn’t live up to our standards. We dig…searching for a reason to crucify the least of these, His brothers and sisters.

We can’t wait to crucify Him! Like a fiend, we’re addicted to the rush of other people’s blood being spilled in the name of self-righteousness. I guess Jesus full, perfect and sufficient sacrifice is not enough for some. So, we must spill more blood. Well…go ‘head and crucify Him if you want to! But, I’d like for you to simply check this piece out…


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