Judas and Betrayal

betrayal-by-judasJudas betrayed Jesus. Jesus knew it was going to happen. Yet, he never stopped Judas. More than that, Jesus fed Judas and washed his feet before Judas went to complete his betrayal.

Why in the world would Jesus allow this to happen?

Jesus gives us plenty of opportunities to do the right thing. But we don’t want that. We prefer wickedness.

The crazy thing about this, is that Judas was a disciple. Judas took the Sacrament of Holy Communion, and he was washed in confession when Jesus washed his feet. So the reality is that Judas was a follower of Christ who participated in the life of the Church. Still, he betrayed Jesus.


Sometimes, no matter how close to the truth we are we prefer to walk the way of evil. Goodness is never good enough. People want to have it their way. So, despite all they’ve seen and heard, they ignore the truth and bring themselves to ruin. Most times, people think they are protecting something greater than themselves. They are protecting this thing from someone who they disagree with. In their wickedness, they plan on destroying that person. Yet, they only destroy themselves.

But Jesus knows this. He knows you will betray Him when you don’t like what Scripture has to say to you. He knows some will tear apart the Church because they don’t like when they lose their power. He knows all of this, but He still allows us all to remain in His good graces. He still allows us to participate in the life of the Church.

How deep is that love? Wow…

And, what should that love do to you and to me? How do you receive that love? And how does it change your life? Listen here and let me know what you think.

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