Christians Transfigured

Folk think that because they are Christians, they have won some sort of prize. Because they worship Jesus Christ, people feel entitled to some special sort of treatment. And they are. However for most Christians, it’s just not the special treatment most expect.

This dilemma was to be the focus of my doctoral studies. The problem of chosenness is that those who are the so-called chosen people always seem to misunderstand what it means to be chosen.

This problem of chosenness leads Christians to such foolishness as a “prosperity gospel.” And while many will want to say they don’t believe in the heretical prosperity gospel, it is clearly very popular. T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, and others are household names. Many of you probably read their works or listen to their teaching. There are also multiple reality shows popping up spreading the blasphemous message.

But this isn’t a new problem. St. Peter was expecting the same sort of benefits for being a follower of Jesus. But Jesus rebuked him, calling Peter “Satan” and an offense to Him.

Are you an offense to Christ? Are you a hinderance to the Gospel?

Christians are indeed chosen. We are chosen to share in His glory. But to arrive at His glory, we must pick up our cross, daily, and follow Him.

Will you follow Jesus as He is? Or will you follow Jesus as you want Him to be?

I want you to experience what Jesus really has in store for you. Not the crap that false teachers and preachers want to give you, but what the Gospel of Christ reveals. It’s time…come and get it!

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