George Zimmerman & DMX

George Zimmerman Fight DMXSo, the nonsense has hit the news: Rapper DMX is reported to have agreed to a boxing match with George Zimmerman. I, for one, am tired of the George Zimmerman news…it’s getting quite out of hand and is indicative of the sickness in our Society’s addiction to ridiculous drama. Has the world gone mad? Yes it has…

Although I definitely agree with my brother @ChuckCreekmur of, I’m not going to ask DMX to not fight George Zimmerman. All the reasons Jigsaw presents are well stated and valid. They cannot be ignored.

We shouldn’t be supporting his sinfulness. We shouldn’t be endorsing the unrepentant behavior of George Zimmerman. Although he got away with murder, we should wish not the death of the sinner, but that he would repent and live (Ezekiel 18:32). But how will George Zimmerman ever repent if it is profitable for him to continue in his sinfulness?

Arranging, promoting and watching a fight between George Zimmerman and DMX is the same as encouraging George Zimmerman in his foolishness.

But beyond all the very real things expressed by Jigsaw, I look at another perspective. George Zimmerman was found innocent in the murder of Trayvon Martin using the infamous Stand Your Ground defense. In arguing his case, defense attorney’s painted a picture of George Zimmerman as a man who had no fighting skills.

I didn’t believe that then…and I said as much:

Yet, the defense made that claim and the jury bought it. In their minds, George Zimmerman was a punk, unable to defend himself against a 17 year old boy.

But, this latest development gives us proof of injustice. George Zimmerman is scared of a 17 year old boy but he’ll “fight anyone…even Black people,” and willingly gets into the ring with DMX? What in the world?

Now, DMX is older and might be a bit washed up. But, the image of DMX if far more “scary” than the image of Trayvon Martin. And somehow, this “scared punk” George Zimmerman, is now gifted enough to fight big name rappers for money.

This truth makes the interest in the George Zimmerman vs. DMX fight even more ridiculous! George Zimmerman pimps the system…using Society’s fear of Blackness to get away with murder and then turns around and pimps the same system to enrich himself on the back of Blackness? #OnlyInAmerica #CantKnockTheHustle

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