Ready to Die B.I.G.

Ready to Die B.I.G. When I think of the Christian Faith, my mind runs to that Hip Hop Classic: Biggie’s Ready to Die. Ok…maybe not the most appropriate analogy as I sit here re-listening to the track. Yet, I grew up to this – so it hits home. #HeadNod

Even still, the title speaks volumes for the Gospel of Christ: Ready to Die.

In his song, Equal Rights & Justice, Peter Tosh states that “everyone (i.e. followers of Jesus) wants to go to heaven, but none of them want to die.” The majority of us are unwilling to do the things necessary to go to heaven because they would involve death. And, here is the connection to Biggie and Ready to Die.

To be a Christian, we must have the Thug Mentality and be Ready to Die. And, not that “fake thug” mentality…all bark but no bit, with mad sugar in your tank. To follow Jesus we must really be Ready to Die.


Ready to Die, Christians?

Being Ready to Die doesn’t mean I’m encouraging folk to seek suicide missions! Far from it! Rather, in the Christian sense, being Ready to Die mean living for the Gospel: dying to self, dying to the ways of the world, dying to sin that we might live for Christ.

But we can’t even do that!

Lent is coming, and folk will struggle to give up chocolate and soda, or reality television. We can’t even get to the place of sacrificing food altogether, of giving alms to the poor, and of spending extra dedicated time in prayer.

Crazy Christians: A Call to Follow Jesus

Bishop Michael Curry of North Carolina said we needed Crazy Christians. And, crazy Christians must be Ready to Die. A bold request, yes! But, we have reason to be ready if only we have truly seen the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.[amazon_link id=”0819228850″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ][/amazon_link]

Feel me on this…

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