Easter People Risen

Easter and the Power of the Resurrection is not a figurative power. But, much of how we do church gives people a weak impression of the Gospel. It makes Christianity simply a religion that has no power to really change lives.

But is that what we want to say about the Faith? Is that why Christ came…and died…and is risen?

Easter must be worth more than colored eggs, big hats and chocolates. It must be worth more than a simply celebration we have every year.

The power of Easter is rooted in the power of the Resurrection. And the power of the Resurrection is a real power that has a real impact on how you and I are able to live if we so choose.

Easter is the beginning of our new life: not our old life dressed up in “Christian clothing.” But a new life…the life we were to live in the Beginning. The way has been opened to us through the Resurrection. But you and I must walk worthy of the Way.

When we walk worthy, we proclaim the Resurrection with great power. When we walk in the Way, we show others that the things we preach are actually possible. When we live in the newness of life granted to us by the Resurrection, we ourselves become a powerful witness to the glory of God, through Jesus Christ.

How strong is your witness to the Resurrection?


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