Resurrection Hope for the Church

Church is hard…it is heartbreaking at times. Most times we resolve to simply come for ourselves and not worry about the nonsense happening all around. Often, we allow scribes and Pharisees to seize control and eventually drive us away. Truly, both are tragic. But what can we do? Well, I try to offer a suggestion […]

Resurrection Hope

How can Sin & Righteousness Coexist?

Sin is a problem we’ve come to accept in the Church. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people excuse it. They say: “well, the Church is a human institution. So, you have to expect sin to exist in it.” Well, maybe we should expect sin to be in worldly organizations. But, don’t […]

Love One Another to Show the Power of Easter

Easter and the Power of the Resurrection is not a figurative power. But, much of how we do church gives people a weak impression of the Gospel. It makes Christianity simply a religion that has no power to really change lives. But is that what we want to say about the Faith? Is that why Christ […]

Easter People Risen

Easter, Good Friday & Maundy Thursday: Our Path to the Resurrection

The Big So-What is upon us! It’s Easter: Christ is risen! But so what? Who cares? What does it all mean? Have you ever thought of that? What does it mean that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead? What does that matter? Our Lenten Journey came to a head in Holy Week, which focuses […]

Jesus Easter & the Resurrection

Good Friday Bypass: Destination Easter!

There’s a reason they call the forty days preceding Christ’s Crucifixion “Great Lent.”  There’s a reason they call the period from Jesus’ triumphant entrance into Jerusalem to His victorious death on the Cross “the Passion.”  It is part of the triumvirate of Christian seasons which make possible our redemption. Yet, Great Lent and the Passion […]

Saved and Sanctified Ones