Saved and Sanctified Ones

They’re saved and sanctified. You know that person…the one who’ll try to convince you how committed they are to Jesus Christ. They are so in love with Jesus Christ and always want to tell you have they’ve been saved and sanctified.

But, what does that actually mean?

Through the Bible, we know that Brother or Sister so-and-so is not the first one to be so sure of their love for Jesus. Yet, what happens when that love is put to the test? How many of those saved and sanctified men and women who walked with Jesus were actually there when Jesus was Crucified? Not too many…

Everyone believes they are saved and sanctified, yet no one wants to die! Why is that? I’m not trying to be hard on you. Even the great St. Peter had this problem. So, what must happen for us to truly stand with Jesus?

That’s what I’m getting at in this sermon…

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