The Death of God

Death is a reality none of us really want to deal with. We tend to think we will have all the time in the world. No need to “get right” now. We think we can wait until later in life to make things right.

Maybe it’s because we don’t really believe in heaven and hell? We sho nuff don’t want to talk about either of them. (I spoke about hell once in a sermon and was called out for using profanity!) Rather, we want to assume that because we say, “in the Name of Jesus” that we’re automatically going to heaven. But is that true?

How will you be remembered in death?

Now, I’m not asking you how your loved ones will remember you in death. Humanity can be too generous and too critical. Some may judge you too harshly. Others might judge you to loosely.

I want you to consider: how will the Lord remember you in your death? How will the One who knows all, sees all and is present in all, remember you at the time of your death? Have you thought about that?

There’s a thought, eh?

But that’s what we see when we look up at the Cross. And, that’s what we hear when we listen to Christ.

First, He says: “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” Not, that we don’t know that we are doing wrong. We definitely know that. But, we don’t see the bigger picture beyond our self-interest. Nevertheless, Jesus offers us forgiveness – while we hang Him on the Cross.

Realizing this, one thief considered our question: how will I be remembered in death? Realizing that he was about to go to a very real place, he made a decision. He wanted to be remembered in a good way.

Sure: we all want to be remembered in a “good way.” But, do we live a life that would result in that type of memory? Or do we hope that our death bed confessions will be enough? Hear me out and let me know what you think…

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