Poor People: A Disease no Christian Would Touch?

Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead… I’ve read that passage many times before. It seems so plain, right? I mean…miraculous – yes. Here is a man, Lazarus, who had be dead. The mystery that reveals, I tried to capture in a poem I describe here. You can listen to a sample of that poem and […]

Poor People and Raising Lazarus

Holding Back Will Not Prevent the End | Luke 21:5-19

In America, we live in an “exceptional” culture. Even Jeep said it in a 2010 advertisement: “The things we make, make us.” And so, we are defined by things. Our identity is not the Crucified-Risen One, rather we are identified by stuff. As such, consumerism has run amuck. And even when not given to consumption, […]

Coming to The End

You Are The Ones the World Needs

The Lord said, “Blessed are you when people revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.” How have you been reviled by others? How have you reviled others? When you live into the Life of the Resurrected Christ, your persecution is for His sake. As such, […]

On the Redistribution of Wealth

The recent development of Tea Parties across the United States has re-injected various forms of the ideal of Liberty into the debate in American politics. This is something to be commended. Those who sow seeds in the Cause of Liberty and tend to its soil have an opportunity to harvest her accorded blessings. I pray […]