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Virgin Birth of Jesus: What do You Believe?

Virgin Birth? Yea, right… What do you believe about the Virgin Birth of Jesus? It’s a fair question… Have you thought about it? If you aren’t Christian, it’s probably one of those things that make Christianity a stupid religion. If you are a Christian: maybe you believe in the Virgin Birth of Christ simply because you’re told to do so. Or, maybe you believe Mary had other children. Maybe the Virgin Birth doesn’t matter to […]

Wudassie Mariam

Mandela and The Incarnation: Being Born to Die that Others might Live

This week, the world mourn’s the passing of Madiba, Nelson Mandela. Sitting with my parents on Friday, my mother posed the question: “who is left?” Who is left, that the world will mourn? In his speech at the memorial service for President Mandela, President Obama said that “We will never see the likes of Nelson Mandela again.” And, while that is likely true…that’s a sobering thought. It would be one thing to not need to see […]

Madiba Mandela

They Need Jesus | Isaiah 2:1-5

It tell you: we Christians are something else. I know I’ve said it. You know you’ve said it. Certainly, you’ve heard others say it. Watch the news for an hour. Drive through the hood. Go downtown and hang out at the coffee shop near the club on a Saturday night. You’ll have that moment when you find yourself saying: Oh, they need Jesus! And, that might be true…matter of fact, that is true. But, how […]

They Need Jesus - The Church Exalted

Christ is Born for This

Christmas is in full effect! The commercials have started…the sales have begun. Lights have started going up in the neighborhood. I could do the standard Christian post about consumerism run amuck…removing Christ from Christmas. But, I won’t do that. I’m going to assume we all understand that Christ is the reason for Christmas. And from that assumption, a greater question arises: who is this baby that will be born. We all have conceptions and misconceptions […]

The Death of God

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