Thanksgiving and America’s Love of Discord

Chance the Rapper parodied a song on Saturday Night Live recently that summed up an undergirding truth about the Thanksgiving holiday. He dedicates it to all the “family weirdos” and other relatives you don’t care to see. Now, let’s be honest: most of us have a family gathering with that annoying, or crazy, or dangerous […]


The Protestant Reformation and the Uselessness of Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and prayers…thoughts and prayers… Everywhere and every time, all we do is offer our “thoughts and prayers.” I guess it’s supposed to be a statement of our faith…a testimony in our belief in and dependence upon God. But really? I think about this as Western Christians commemorate the 500 year anniversary of the Protestant […]

Thoughts and Prayers

Travel Ban, Refugees & Christian Ethics

The Travel Ban has stirred a lot of trouble in Donald Trump’s Administration. And, Christians have joined the fray: arguing the positions of Conservatives or Liberals. But, how does the Gospel respond to the travel ban? And, what does the Gospel say to us Christians – regardless of political perspective. During Black History Month, I am […]

Travel Ban

Loving Her is Tough but Dating Makes it Easy

When it becomes hard to love your wife, there’s a surefire way to regain that “loving feeling.” …or are you going to say you never find it difficult to love her? You do realize that love is probably the most difficult thing a person can do, right? So…back to what I was saying! LOL There’s […]

dating lifelong