Zombie No Go Think Unless You Tell Em to Think…

Zombie Oh, Zombie… Zombie no go go, unless you tell am to go Zombie no go stop, unless you tell am to stop Zombie no go turn, unless you tell am to turn Zombie no go think, unless you tell am to think The late great composer and musician, Fela Kuti, released this song in […]

Zombie Fela Kuti

Mesa Police and What to do with the Silence of the “Good Ones”

It happens so regularly in Society… It’s happened to you probably a few times already this week. But hopefully it didn’t happen to you as tragically as this. Robert Johnson never thought his night would go like this. According to what we know, he was just going to support a friend. But somehow, all hell […]

When Racism shows up at Anti Racism Workshops and other things that aren’t surprising…

When this type of “stuff” happens in the church… When it happens among clergy… When things like this happen among clergy who are at an “anti-racism training,” we know there’s a serious problem. All I could say was respond jokingly, “At the anti-racism workshop, the White man just decides to move the Black man’s seat?” […]

Beloved Community Antiracism

Royal Wedding: Bishop Curry, Racial Irony and Opportunities for Beloved Community…

So, the Royal Wedding has passed… I wasn’t into it at all… And that’s not an “I’m going to say I wasn’t into it because I don’t want to be identified as a fanboy even though I’m secretly all excited…” I’ve seen people on my Facebook timeline being called out for that… I really didn’t […]

royal wedding

Knowledge is like Kryptonite to the Western Mind…

That response got me to thinking… And that’s growth…right? #ThanksBeToGod You see, I understand more about the American Way…and this is just it… Exhibit A…of the American Way. It’s our appeal to anti-intellectualism… It permeates our Society. And it’s killing us slowly… A little more quickly of late, it seems. Now, of course, at first […]

knowledge and the university