Haile Selassie, Ethiopia and a Foundation for the Black Church

I want to start by remembering His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie the First, on this the anniversary of his birth.  And, I want to continue by discussing some things about His Majesty, the mysticism surrounding him and the implications for Rastafarianism and ultimately for the Black Church. Having spent many years as a Rastafarian […]

On the Redistribution of Wealth

The recent development of Tea Parties across the United States has re-injected various forms of the ideal of Liberty into the debate in American politics. This is something to be commended. Those who sow seeds in the Cause of Liberty and tend to its soil have an opportunity to harvest her accorded blessings. I pray […]

Against The Wisdom of Fools: Glenn Beck the Theologian?

I read with dismay Glenn Beck’s article entitled, “Liberation Theology and Social Justice.”  Upon reading it, my vision of holistic reparations was clarified.  And, Glenn Beck is certainly in need of reparations! In his article, Mr. Beck railed against Liberation Theology and the concept of social justice.  It is irresponsible for him to give the […]