Holding Back Will Not Prevent the End | Luke 21:5-19

In America, we live in an “exceptional” culture. Even Jeep said it in a 2010 advertisement: “The things we make, make us.” And so, we are defined by things. Our identity is not the Crucified-Risen One, rather we are identified by stuff. As such, consumerism has run amuck. And even when not given to consumption, […]

Coming to The End

The Passion that Makes Us Great

A lot of talk has been about “Greatness” and “Exceptionalism,” as we consider the direction for this election.  Yet, the passion that will truly make us great is of a different sort.  The disciples had to learn this lesson…we must learn it too! The Text is from the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 9. verses 30-37.

On the Redistribution of Wealth

The recent development of Tea Parties across the United States has re-injected various forms of the ideal of Liberty into the debate in American politics. This is something to be commended. Those who sow seeds in the Cause of Liberty and tend to its soil have an opportunity to harvest her accorded blessings. I pray […]